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Aiptek Full HD Car Camcorder X3 - DashCam4u

What is Dashcam?

Aiptek X3 car camcorder (Dashcam) save your driving record. Dashcam is special recording device which is monitored when you drive the vehicle. Aiptek X3 dashcam continuously records the action on street. If SD memory card is getting full, the video is recycled automatically to update. Use Aiptek X3 for your security and rebut false statement in case of accidents.


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Why Dashcam helps you? Who can get a benefit?

It may be rolled up in an accident even if always careful so much. A lot of various dangerous situations on the street. In such a case, Dashcam memorize the moment with a video picture. Dashcam can perform accident or insurance processing smoothly by proving the accurate situation. In addition, Dashcam prevent the discrepancy of the opinion between the accidents people concerned when we don’t have any eyewitness.

Dashcam is good for follow drivers: New driver, Fleet companies, Delivery business, Office vehicle, Taxi…. and more! Also good to make your personal driving video.


How does it work? It is easy 3 steps.

Step 1 Install Apiece X3 dashcam into your vehicle. It is really simple to do. Only 5 minutes to install.
Step 2 Insert SD card to your dashcam. (Recommend: 8GB SDHC Class6 or higher)
Step 3 Apiece X3 dashcam will automatically start recording when car engine started.

Aiptek Full HD Car Camcorder X3 - DashCam4u


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